Saturday Night Takeaway fans left in hysterics by Alison prank

fans admitted they ‘cried with laughter’ on Saturday after nearly walked out of ‘s prank and ruined it.

During their Undercover skit, “ the presenter was scared after she saw a host of terrifying items in her hotel room and became convinced it was haunted.

The This Morning star, 48, almost blew the whole item on the programme out of the water, becoming too terrified to carry on staying there.

But her producer, who joined her at the creepy mansion and was in on the whole thing, was able to get her to carry on participating in the prank.

Despite her fears, she went back to her room, and Ant and Dec turned up in the mirror – giving her another huge fright.

Oops!Saturday Night Takeaway fans admitted they ‘cried with laughter’ on Saturday after Alison Hammond nearly walked out of Ant and Dec’s prank and ruined it

Got you!During their skit, the presenter saw terrifying items in her hotel room and almost left, ruining the pair’s entire plan – but was convinced to stay

After sharing a hug with the presenting duo, she soon forgave them for scaring her so much.

She said: ‘I didn’t want to seem like a diva so I thought I had to stay there. 

‘I was so relieved I didn’t have to stay there and could go home.’

Twitter users found her antics hilarious, praising her after the funny prank. 

One person wrote: ‘This is brilliant, Alison is petrified’ while another added: ‘I adore Alison Hammond she is a national treasure I love her.’

A third said: ‘He’s even given us a free meal cause he knows its haunted.

‘Alison Hammond may be my fave undercover guest ever.That was hilarious… I love you so much.’

Another penned: ‘Brilliant show as always. The prank they’ve played on Alison Hammond in the haunted hotel was a classic. I literally cried with laughter.’ 

Terrifying: Alison was absolutely terrified by the prank and could not believe the sequence of scary events unfolding in front of her 

Off I go: Alison was ready to pack her bags and leave, thinking she had to stay at the haunted hotel overnight 

Getting scared: At dinner with her This Morning producer, although she was convinced to stay, Alison barely held herself together

Funny: Twitter users found her antics hilarious, praising her after the funny prank, amused by her terrified state

Others reacted with hilarity when they realised Alison might leave the hotel because she was absolutely petrified.

One person said: ‘Be funny if Alison did leave’ and another added: ‘I bet the producer said to Alison “come on its for an Ant & Dec prank.’

Another joked: ‘Alison Hammond giving it full diva’ while a separate person quipped: ‘Alison’s back in the house the prank is still on.’

It comes after  was hit by backlash on as

Liam, a serial jokester, was pranked by wife Amy in collaboration with the presenting duo in the first episode of the new series.

Amy enlisted Ant and Dec’s help to get revenge on Liam for playing pranks on her , with the couple having a fake baby scan, antenatal class and also a faux family photoshoot after their son Finley was born.

In the scan scene, a video played of a baby which was not Liam and Amy’s, making rock star signs when the song Bohemian Rhapsody came on and also waving.

The bizarre sketch also saw the child play hide and seek, leaving Liam amazed.

However, some fans of the show revealed that the prank left a bad taste in their mouth, taking to Twitter to say that the sketch was not appropriate or appreciated.

One person wrote: ‘Nah sorry that #SaturdayNightTakeaway skit of the parents at the scan is just a bit rank.

‘As someone trying for a baby for 13 years, my absolute dream is to be at a scan. You don’t get more important personal experiences like that in life.

‘Not nice.Even if you are a “prankster.”

Another added: ‘Love Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway but the baby scan prank wasn’t cool.’

A third said: ‘Such bad taste for Saturday night takeaway to do a prank at a baby scan.’ 

And a separate person penned: ‘Completely agree…disgusted’ in response to another unimpressed tweet about the skit.

Meanwhile, someone else said: ‘The photoshoot is kinda funny, that’s always redoable. But that 4D scan being ruined makes me feel really uncomfortable.

‘Especially knowing how easy it is for things to go wrong during a pregnancy.’ 

‘Such bad taste’: Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway baby scan prank on father-to-be was hit by backlash on Saturday night as viewers were left unimpressed 

 The long-awaited return of the entertainment show also saw Doctor Who legend David Tennant step in as the announcer of each guest.

Elsewhere, Ant and Dec went head to head in an outdoor balloon challenge hosted by Stephen Mulhern. 

And during the happiest minute of the week, viewers were left in tears as they watched countless people win ‘A Place On The Plane’ for the final episode of the series in Universal Orlando. 

Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway continues on Saturday at 7pm on ITV1 and ITVX. 

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