Gene Simmons' daughter Sophie Simmons looks gorgeous in wedding photos

Photos from the backyard wedding of rocker ‘ daughter Sophie Simmons showed the bride looking stunning in a billowing white dress.

The 30-year-old beauty, whose mother is model Shannon Tweed-Simmons, married her longtime love, James Henderson, in her mother’s Malibu yard in an intimate ceremony in front of about 50 guests on Wednesday.

It comes just seven months after , and prior to the evening ceremony the couple tied the knot at the courthouse in downtown .

    ‘We wanted it to be super equal, because our partnership is really equal,’ Sophie said. 

    Sophie’s bridal party consisted of her older brother Nick Simmons, 34, and a few cousins and friends.James had his two brothers and two best friends standing up for him.

    The couple wrote their own vows and Sophie practiced hers over and over again in her car in an effort to not cry on her wedding day. 

    ‘I’ve been practicing in the car because I’m like, “I am not going to cry,”‘ she said.’But I am so going to cry. I cry in the car, and then come in the house and James will be like, “Are you crying?” I’m like, “No, I’m fine!” Even though we’ve said all these things to each other before, it’s emotional.’

    And she worried that her husband might decide to deliver vows full of inside jokes. 

    ‘I have no idea what his vows are, but he’s really funny, and he’s kept a 10-year-long running list of all the stupid things I’ve ever said,’ she recalls. 

    ‘I had to tell him, “They’re vows — they’re not supposed to be funny. That’s what your speech is for!”  Neither of us have been married before, “http://xn--h1aapflr.xn--p1ai/ but I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to roast your fiancée at the altar.’

    Fashionable: The then-bride-to-be donned a one-shoulder accordian pleated dress for her rehearsal

    Happy: Sophie beamed as she held her rockstar father’s hand prior to her nuptials

    Reflective moment: Gene had a quiet and pensive minute during his daughter’s rehearsal dinner

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