Exciting News About Testosterone

Health-related common myths are hard to shift, maybe even in the minds of doctors. For numerous years at this point there has long been this misconception out there that best natural testosterone booster supplements replacement therapy was somehow dangerous as it caused or at least encouraged prostate cancer. There was never any evidence to support this myth by the way. But, did that matter? Not at all. Testosterone helps bring about prostate cancer and allow that to be an end to it.

Here is where the confusion arose I think: Testosterone suppression is an established treatment for prostate cancer that has spread outside the prostate capsule. This used to be reached by castration. Today medications do the same thing. Testosterone suppression brings about some of these cancers to shrink for a year or two but then they recur.

Therefore there’s the origin of this myth. If the suppression of testosterone is able to shrink prostate tumor then logically additional testosterone is able to make them grow. Right? No, wrong. And so we used to argue. Prostate cancer is not a disease of young males with high amounts of testosterone. It’s predominately a disease of older men whose testosterone levels will be in decline. And so, if anything at all, testosterone is appropriate against cancer.

At this point we know that what we suspected all along is truly scientifically proven. Testosterone Replacement Therapy doesn’t improve the chance of prostate cancer by one iota. Because of the job of two Harvard researchers Dr Abraham Morgentaler and Dr Emani Rhoden this particular myth has, at lone last, been exposed as being just that – a myth. In truth, if anything, the concern today seems to be that if a male is found to have an incredibly low testosterone level the chances of his of developing prostate cancer are improved.

It’s way too early still to state if offering testosterone replacement therapy affords a male some protection against acquiring prostate cancer. That might however be proven to be the case. But certainly now we know that TRT is not dangerous does not “flame the fires” of already existing prostate cancer.

In a means it’s sad to think that possibly millions of older men have long been focused on endure the effects of chronic degenerative disease like osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, arteriosclerosis, erectile dysfunction as well as low energy levels all because a healthcare myth got in the manner of them remaining effectively managed. Most of these conditions can be ameliorated with simple TRT. Of course, because the rest of us there may still be time to catch up.

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