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Finance or Google Finance to view the historic performance of your target stock. The broker “Olymp trade bonus (check over here) Trade” is regulated by the International Finance Commission since 2016. Through our experience, we know that a lot of different Forex Brokers are regulated by this authority. It is an international authority for international brokers and is a little bit different from the regulatory authorities of countries. As international brokers, traders will get international support in 13 different languages. The fun part is all those requests get routed locally and never go out. I liked a lot that this way the check-out had a “physical” result that could be handed out to the visitors, I believe the software felt more “real” this way. Yet the historical record amply demonstrates how international efforts to control infectious disease, beginning in the mid-nineteenth century and extending to the present, have dominated global health policies, regulations, agendas and budgets, often at the expense of addressing more chronic health and environmental concerns. Olymp Trade operates since 2014 and accepts international traders. At the time, the major international tournament was the Olympics, but FIFA wanted to create their own world championship. In addition, there are more points for the safety of customers which we will present to you.

Get a Qafoo expert on-site to train your team in automated testing and support you in developing more efficient and maintainable web software. From our experience, it is very easy to get access to the trading platform and start trading. When you logged into your account, you will get an SMS verification code, or you can use the Google Authentication app to get full access to your account. After you insert your personal details, you can get access to the trading platform. But you get relief of paying off the custodial fees or maintenance fee as Olymp-Trade doesn’t charge on such things. This feature will stop hackers before they get into your account. After signing up, you should fulfill your account details (see the picture below). If you don’t see some or all of your email messages and you’re not receiving an error, you might need to change your sync duration. As we can see on their website, the broker and platform got many awards from other institutions and websites for being reliable and professional.

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If you got some issues with the broker, you can contact them. The Financial Commission is a contact person for every trader. Dukascopy is regulated in Europe by the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC). Category “A” means that the Financial Commission guarantees a monetary compensation of up to 20,000€. The funds of traders are backed up if some mistakes happen or the broker or bank goes bankrupt. More than 5,000 orders are executed by the employees of the IFC. Overall, Olymp Trade pays more than 13 million dollars to its clients each month. Furthermore, the regulator verifies the trade execution of the broker. From our experience, it is a trusted regulator and fraud by Olymp Trade can be excluded. The regulator (IFC) is based in Hong Kong and London. There is also “philanthropic interest” from individuals with a lot of money. They are looking professional, but there is no regulation. Before you sign up with any online broker, you should check the regulation of the company. That is the first sign of a good and safe online broker. First of all, you have to sign up on the broker’s website or use the registration form below.

We recommend doing it first. The broker’s website belongs to and is managed by Industries Ltd., which is based on James Street, Kingstown, First Floor, First St Vincent Bank Ltd Building. First of all, you have to confirm your phone number and your profile for the full security of the account. Our guide, which covers 13 key categories and 104 top apps, features the ones that deserve a place on your Android phone or tablet. The money of the clients is managed in European banks, which are fully regulated, too. More than 25,000 users are trading every day on the platform, and the number is rising. With more traders, the payouts and the number of traders per month are rising too. In the next sections, we will go into more detail about the safety of the trading platform. With more than nine years of experience in online trading, we tested the Olymp Trade trading platform with real money investments and we will give you an exact tutorial on how it works. But if you are still confused about whether the Olymp trade is worth it or not, this article will keep you sorted. More than 35 currency pairs, 12 cryptocurrencies, 10 indices, a wide range of stocks as well as many other options are at your disposal.

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